Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Math E-Bulletin

Math skills emerge during infancy and, like reading, develop through opportunities children have to explore and understand math in concrete, relevant ways well before school entry. In Foundations for Numeracy: An Evidence-based Toolkit for Early Learning Professionals it states “Children’s mathematics ability at the beginning of Kindergarten is a strong predictor of later academic success, even stronger than their early reading ability. (Duncan et al, 2007)” (Canadian Child Care Federation and Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, 2010, p 13)

In this e-bulletin you will find research articles to inform and support your work with young children and their families. You will also find math skill development guides, book lists, activities and programming ideas.


** June 2010 Early Literacy E-Bulletin **

** Math Literacy in the Early Years**


** Math Literacy Information and Research**

Fostering Early Numeracy in the Home, Preschool and Kindergarten

A Good Start to Numeracy: Effective Numeracy Strategies from Research and Practice in Early Childhood

Learning Disabilities: Dyscalculia and Dyslexia


** Math Literacy Programming Ideas/Best Practices **

Video demonstration of math in “The Wheels on the Bus”

Math Play: How Young Children Approach Math

Early Years Math Activities and Games

Family Math Fun! (Early numeracy program for family and adult literacy programs, child care programs, preschool and elementary school classrooms; includes Aboriginal content)

Esso Family Math program for children ages 4-6 years or 7-10 years, and their families


** Math Literacy Resources **

Ages and stages of numeracy development (birth to six years)

Extended activity for early learning and child care programs and parent handouts linking children’s books with the five math strands

Children’s book lists to explore 20 different math concepts with children

Reproducible Number Game


** Parent Information **

“Math with Kids is Fun!” Canadian Child Care Federation handout for parents

Helping your child learn math: A Parent’s Guide

Count Me In: Math Fun for Little Ones (pamphlet)


** To make you smile**

Mathematics reaches a new level

Source: Susan Ramsay, Kingston Literacy & Skills

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