Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clapping Rhymes

A Sailor Went to Sea
A sailor went to
Sea, sea, sea
To see what he could
See, see, see.

But all that he could
See, see, see.
Was the bottom of the deep blue
Sea, sea, sea.

How to clap:
A— Clap your own hands
sai—clap right hands with a partner
lor—Clap your own hands
went —clap left hands with partner
to—clap your own hands
sea—clap your partner’s hands three times…
Repeat movements

I Had a little Sister

I had a little sister,
Her name was Sally Sue.
I put her in the bathtub
To see what she would do.

She drank up all the water.
She ate up all the soap.
She tried to eat the bathtub,
But it wouldn’t fit down her throat.

I called the doctor.
I called the nurse.
I called the lady
With the alligator purse.

“Mumps” said the doctor.
“Measles” said the nurse.
“Pizza” said the lady
With the alligator purse.

How to clap:
I—clap own hands
had—clap right hand with partner
a—clap own hands
lit—clap left hand with partner
tle—clap own hands
sis—clap partner’s hands
ter—clap own hands
Pause—clap won hands behind back
Repeat movements

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