Thursday, August 26, 2010

You Can Help Your Child Learn to Write

Children need experience to have something to write about. To learn to write, children need an opportunity to play and to practice the necessary coordination for hand writing. Writing takes physical strength in the dominant writing hand. Sometimes these activities need parent supervision.

You Can Help Your Child by:

- giving them opportunities for painting, drawing, and using play dough
- taking them along on everyday trips which give them other experiences to write about
- providing them with toys such as puzzles, blocks, pegboards, small cars and trucks
- letting them help you with everyday activities such as setting the table and putting things away
- encouraging them to play house and dress-up
- helping them practice buttoning, zipping, and tying

Idea to Increase Hand Strength:

Sorting cotton balls or pom poms with ice cube tongs (from the dollar store!)

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