Tuesday, April 12, 2011

School Readiness

I Know My Shapes

Try some of these activities to help your child practice naming shapes. 

1. Make a Shape Book

Take a few sheets of construction paper and fold them in half, and put together like a book. Have your child search in old magazines and newspapers for shapes. (triangles, circles, squares, rectangles). Cut them out and paste one shape on each page of your book.

 2. Tracing Shapes

Cut out a circle, square and triangle from a large piece of cardboard. Give your child a large sheet of paper on which to make a picture or design by tracing the shapes .

 3. Making Lunch

When you’re cutting your child’s sandwich, ask them if they want it in squares.

4. Making Shapes with Toothpicks

Put toothpicks on the table and instruct them to make various shapes (ask them to make a circle and see how many actually try!)

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