Saturday, April 16, 2011

School Readiness

 I Can Write My Name

Here are some activities to try that help your child practice writing their own name.  

1. Sing Name Songs: 

Bingo Name Song: 

There is a child that I know best
And Noah is his name oh,
N O A H, N O A H, N O A H
And Noah is his name oh


Willobee-wallobee wee, an elephant sat on me.

Willobee-wallobee, woo , an elephant sat on you.
Example. Willobee wallobee winda. (use W for the 1st letter in your child’s name)
an elephant sat on Linda

 2. Tracing

Print your child’s first name, showing them slowly how to make each letter. Have them trace over your printed example.


3. Try out this Name Puzzle: 

• Write your child’s name on a paper, one in black marker and one in red marker.
• Use the pointer to say each letter aloud. Ask your child to copy you.
• Cut out each letter in the name in red.
• Mix up the pieces.
• Have your child help put the name puzzle back together, using the black strip as a guide.
• Then have your child try the puzzle without the name as a guide.

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