Monday, July 19, 2010

3 Bags Full - Finger Puppet Pouches

For those of you who don't read the comments....

Recently I recieved a comment from Sue Berlove. I met her at a literacy conference last spring. Sue sells "3 Bags Full Finger Puppet Pouches" (fair trade early literacy resources). They are all hand knit by indigenous women in Bolivia. The pouches can be used to act out songs or books. Using puppets to tell stories is a great way to encourage narrative skills with your child.

The pouches come in 6 themes:
- arctic
- garden
- woods
- jungle
- ocean
- farm

I advise going to her website to check them out (they are sooo cute!)

Additionaly, on the website, Sue provides examples of books that can be used with eachc pouch.

Suggested Storybook Ideas

Here is a video of an Ontario Early Years Centre staff using a pouch at circle time.

I bought the woods pouch for myself.

For more inforation, contact:

Sue Berlove
Indigenous Crafts from Bolivia


  1. Fantastic! I love them and what an endearing name... A perfect accompaniment to oral storytelling.

  2. thank you jenna!!! I would like to post your comments on my website, because I have a page that describes what people are saying about the bags. How does that sound?? Sue