Friday, July 16, 2010

The List of AWESOME...literacy style

The Book of AWESOME by Neil Pasricha is all about big celebrations of life's little moments. I have been reading it lately and finding humour and appreciation in all the little things that can add up to make one great day. With this in mind, I got thinking about how childhood can be filled with many AWESOME things, especially in respect to early literacy milestones. It's these small things children do, that make us smile, that prepare them for lifelong reading success.

Some AWESOME things I have thought about are:

- books available in public places that welcome children to read them (Doctor's offices, the hairdressers, and so forth)

- the first time your child writes their name

- free early learning programs (Ontario Early Years Centres, public libraries)

- father involvement - seeing Daddies and children reading together

Child Reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle

- listening to your child "read" the first book they memorize

- your child recognizing a sign (i.e., McDonalds!)

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If you have any suggestions that I can add to my list, please add comments below!



  1. Our toddler running up to us with a stack of books, yelling "book! read it!"

  2. Thanks for the great suggestions, Jen! I hope to get some more ideas from readers :)